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All Legend'70s pianos are made in our headquarter in Italy, giving great value to details and precision.

hammer action

Triple sensor weighted keyboards

  • Compact: 73 Keys, Hammer action, velocity sensitive with triple sensor

  • Artist: 88 Keys, Hammer action, velocity sensitive with triple sensor

  • Artist-W: 88 Keys, Graded hammer action, wooden keys, velocity sensitive with triple sensor


Keyboard mode

Each sound module can be assigned to a programmable keyboard zone. Two zones in Split Mode with a programmable Split Point

   Modular concept

The new Legend'70s offers an unprecedented ability to customize your instrument with several Sound Modules equipped with state-of-the-art Sound Generators, including physical modeling. The Modules can be easily positioned and swapped on the front panel, according to your personal musical needs.

Currently 5 modules are available to enhance the piano, while others will be available in the future in “Always Growing” concept.

And they can be played togheter, creating  and mixing different sounds !

modules legend 70s
linea legend viscount

    Italian artisan craftmanship

Living in Italy means being surrounded by beauty, masterpieces of art, architecture and musical tradition. We always try to enclose some of this beauty in our instruments.

In the design and manufacture we always pay the highest attention, taking care of the smallest details and regulations. 

Our inventions, covered by numerous patents, allow us to create products of great impact and exclusive performance.
Music is not only the core of our business, but it is something that elevates our minds and souls. We put all our passion in our instruments, making them faithful companions of your most intimate moments or your performances.


The first vintage stage piano with modular concept

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