Joey DeFrancesco and Lewis Nash Live, 28th February

about this Event

The Nash is honored to present an exclusive four-week residency that features two of Arizona’s most respected world-renowned Jazz musicians, Joey DeFrancesco and Lewis Nash.

Legend'70s on Worldpianonews 2021

The Legend ‘70s range is an interesting new concept… it is a modular stage piano. Modules are individually screwed into slots in the front panel. These are selected and arranged to suit the requirements of the pianist. 

Legend'70s - best pianos 1500 - 2200 Euro range

the Legend '70s line, Viscount offers a unique concept of digital stage pianos with vintage aesthetics. The digital pianos are designed to allow individual adaptation. For example, the manufacturer offers individual modules (17 x 8 cm) that can be inserted into the housing to get close to the user's preferences. 

8 most innovative product at NAMM 2020

For the studio and the stage, NAMM 2020 had it all. Check out the highlight reel from this year’s show and celebrate 8 of the most innovative new releases.

Legend'70s test by

Viscount Legend 70s - the name says it all and fits perfectly with the retro-vintage design of this stage piano. It is light and compact and in general: modular! You can equip the Legend 70s with the sound sections that you really need, depending on your needs and taste. That sounds exciting, but does it sound too?